Classe Z 30 March 2017

PlotIt's the first day of the last year for a group of high-school students, but when they arrive in their classes, they discover that they have been moved to the new section H, created just for them. Officially the reason is the overcrowding of the classes, but actually, all these guys are highly individualistic and problematic, the worst students of the school. In section H teachers do not even try to teach so the students spend all their time doing what they want. Only one teacher will try to do something to save this "lost cause": Marco Andreoli, a young, idealistic professor who has as a mentor professor John Keating from the cult movie "Dead poetry society". Unfortunately, the class will take advantage of his trust and his idealism making a fool of him and using him as the main target of their pranks.
But at a certain point, they discover that section H is a "ghetto" created for the worst students who are considered lost causes that will never pass the final exam. Teaching to them is completely unuseful. This discovery deeply hurts their pride, so they decide to do everything in order to pass the exam: they discover how important could be a "team", and they will come back to the only person who ever gives them a chance: professor Andreoli.