The Group

Colorado Film, the production company founded in 1986 by the agent and producer Maurizio Totti, the Academy award winning Director Gabriele Salvatores, and the actor Diego Abatantuono, is part of the Iven S.p.A. Group, a well-articulated corporate system operating across several sectors: film and television production (Colorado Film), artistic management (Moviement), and music (San Isidro, film score label). All satellite companies  of the group interact with one another to achieve common goals and strategies.
Colorado Film is based both in Milan and Rome.  The Rome office is  mainly devoted to film development and production, while the Milan branch focusses its attention on TV production and it’s also the legal and financial headquarters of the Group.
The talent agency Moviement operates in both offices.

Rainbow, the content company renowned through the world for its animated and multimedia productions, has acquired a majority holding in the Iven S.p.A. group. A wide-ranging group, it includes film and television production company Colorado Film, artistic management and talent management company Moviement, and recording company San Isidro Edizioni Musicali. It also has a stake in production and distribution company Gavila srl.