Members & Founders

Maurizio Totti
Maurizio Totti was born in Romagna in 1954 in Conselice (province of Ravenna). A film producer, he is currently  CEO of the Iven S.p.A. group, of which the film and TV production company “Colorado Film”,  the talent agency “Moviement” and the music label “San Isidro” are a part.
In 1986 he founded  the “Colorado Film” production company, together with Diego Abatantuono and Gabriele Salvatores producing in these years more than 30 films, among which:  “Puerto Escondido”, “Nirvana”, “Amnèsia”, “I’m not scared”, “Quo vadis, Baby?”, “Happy Family”, “The Worst Week of my Life”, “The Worst Christmas of my Life”, “Fuga di Cervelli”, “What a beautiful surprise”, "Belli di Papà", "Tiramisù", "The Babysitter", "Classe Z", "The Girl in the Mist" and  "My big gay Italian Wedding".

Four years later,  he gave life to the talent agency “Moviement” that today represents, also at an international level, more than 100 artists belonging to cinema, TV and publishing such as: Diego Abatantuono, Elio Germano, Fabio De Luigi, Paolo Ruffini, Antonio Catania, Chiara Francini and Paola Minaccioni.
In the following years the field of activities expanded to new sectors, such as music, with the birth of the label “San Isidro Edizioni Musicali”, which signed the soundtracks of several films  (“Puerto Escondido”, “Sud”, “Nirvana”, “I’m not scared”, ecc).
In 2002, “Colorado Café” a lab of comedic live shows under the artistic direction of Diego Abatantuono, saw the light. From September 2003 “Colorado” is broadcast on Italia 1 in the late evening. From 2005, it’s aired during prime time, becoming one of the most successful TV programmes. Thanks to the experience in the field of cabaret, the new comedic talent show  “Eccezionale Veramente” was developed and aired on LA7 during prime time. By diversifing his productions from cinema to TV via talent shows, Maurizio Totti developed several products appreciated by the audience.