Fashion Style

Monday 11 November, the first episode of Fashion Style will be aired in prime time on La5. This is the first talent show in Italy fully devoted to fashion and the launching of new creative stars. It includes a special panel of judges: Alessia Marcuzzi, Silvia Toffanin and Cesare Cunaccia.

Italy, a country of leading designers, innovative brands and stunning fashion shows, has been attracting professionals in search of style from all over the world. Yet so far the fashion talent shows on Italian TV have almost invariably been imported ones. Mediaset has chosen to launch an original Italian format, signed by Colorado Film, to hunt for future fashion professionals. 

The show, presented by film, theatre and television actress Chiara Francini, features a contest between sixteen young people from leading fashion schools who all have one dream: to make it big in the fashion world. 
The contestants that have been selected (out of over a thousand candidates) will form four creative teams, each consisting of a fashion designer, a model, a make-up artist and a hair stylist. 
The show unfolds in two stages. In the first four episodes a selection is made of the contestants for the various teams. Over the following four episodes the actual competition then takes place. The participants vie for victory by taking up various challenges related to their professions.

The suggestions and performances will be judged by a jury consisting of two highly popular fashion enthusiasts, Alessia Marcuzzi and Silvia Toffanin, along with witty journalist and writer Cesare Cunaccia. 
In every episode, by rotation, a leading fashion personality will join the jury. Crowning the dream of a lifetime won't be easy and the contestants will face many obstacles. We will see them laugh and cry along with their team mates, as they strive to reach the final goal: to prepare a fashion show presenting a genuine capsule collection.

From Monday 11 November 2013, in prime time on La5.