PlotIn the legendary Amnèsia club on Ibiza, the destinies of four characters with very different backgrounds meet. Sandro, a fifty-year-old porn producer and director, has a daughter, Luce, whom he has never dared inform about his actual profession. Born from a short-lived love affair, the seventeen-year-old girl was brought up in a boarding school and has only ever seen her father during the holidays. Luce unexpectedly shows up at her father's house just as he is about to shoot a new film. Twenty-year-old Jorge is the son of police chief Xavier, an old-fashioned man who puts duty before happiness. His son instead sees things the other way round. The contrasts between the two have only increased since the death of Xavier's wife, who acted as a lightning rod in the house. Angelino, who runs a beach bar, lives from hand to mouth, dreaming of a house with a garden for him and his girlfriend. A chance to fulfil this dream arrives when be stumbles across a briefcase with four kilos of cocaine.