Fuga di cervelli

Fuga di cervelliShy and awkward Emilio has been in love with beautiful Nadia ever since they were children. Throughout the long years of their childhood and adolescence, Emilio has never dared confess his love to her. Emilio's veneration of the girl has even led him to enrol in the same Medicine course as her at university. The time comes, however, when Emilio can take it no longer. One fine spring day, takes his courage in both hands and boldly follows where his heart leads. He approaches Nadia and greets her, but she tells him that she is about to leave to go to England: she has won a scholarship at Oxford. Emilio is shattered but luckily he is not alone: he has a group of friends of remarkable foolishness and enthusiasm. This irresistible band of idiots is made up of Alfredo, a blind lad who has always been Emilio's best friend; Lebowsky, a slush seller and therapeutic marijuana dealer; Franco, the intellectual leader of the group; and Alonso, a young man confined to a wheelchair who is a womanizer and self-defence enthusiast. Emilio's friends persuade him that he is too young to give up on the love of his dreams. By forging documents and degrees, they secure two Oxford scholarships for him and Alfredo. The motley crew lands in England: five brilliant lunatics in the temple of wisdom. Obviously, as our five heroes are real disaster magnets, they will get into all sorts of trouble in Oxford. Stealing lungs, falling in love, working part time as human guinea pigs, getting dead-drunk and mistaking identities, the lads will experience some of the most amazing months of their lives.