No kids October 31st 2018

PlotGabriele, A divorced and loving father of a nine-year-old girl, meets a beautiful woman from his past that happens to not like children.
In order to stand a chance with Mara, Gabriele is therefore forced to conceal the Sofia part of his life from her, which initially means clearing all traces of his daughter from his apartment whenever Vicky comes round, down to erasing and recreating her blackboard scrawls.
Obviously, he is going to be discovered, and the result will be hilarious.

Fabio De Luigi
Micaela Ramazzotti
Caterina Sbaraglia
Andrea Pisani
Shel Shapiro
Chiara Spoletini
Caterina Guzzanti
Daniele De Martino
Bob Messini
Producers: Maurizio Totti and Alessandro Usai 
Distribution: Medusa Film 
Director: Guido Chiesa
Assistant Director: Tommaso Pagliai
Written By: Nicoletta Micheli, Giovanni Bognetti, Guido Chiesa
Production Coordinator: Tonino Tacchia
Cinematography: Emanuele Pasquet
Music: Francesco Cerasi
Editing: Luca Gasparini
Production Desing: Paolo Sansoni
Costume Desing: Cristina Audisio
Sound: Gilberto Martinelli