La Gente Che Sta Bene

PlotFor some people, the words crisis, taxes and job insecurity are just a newspaper heading – and a not very interesting one, at that. One of these people is lawyer Umberto Dorloni. There are no uncertainties or difficulties for him. Umberto is a man who has made it: he has an ideal family, a solid bank account, a promising career, and many colleagues to brag to. Vain, boastful and even childlike at times, Umberto is always ready to take the centre stage, be it in a meeting room or in the dressing room of a haute couture atelier. But just as an interview for a leading economics magazine and an invitation to an exclusive reception are about to seal his personal triumph, that perfect world starts showing its cracks and falls apart, piece by piece. Umberto, though, is not the sort to easily surrender his corner of paradise. In an increasingly frantic struggle to regain his position at the top, Umberto will find himself striking and struck, betraying and betrayed, as he follows an unpredictable path – filled with inappropriate jokes and femmes fatales – on the brink of an abyss which will lead him to discover a new perspective and identity.