A Game for Girls

PlotElena (Chiara Chiti), Michela (Desirèe Noferini), Alice (Nadir Caselli) and Livia (Chiara Paoli) are seventeen years old, beautiful, rich and carefree. The were born and raised in an upper middle class milieu, as the daughters of the four most prominent families in a wealthy provincial town in Italy. Addicted to fashion, obsessed with dieting and their looks, they spend their days going on luxury shopping binges, seeing boys, attending parties in exclusive clubs, and going to school. Everything is just a boring old game for them: parents, teachers, friends – nothing seems meaningful to them and they pass through life on the surface, never thinking of the possible consequences of their behaviour. Used to getting what they want, when they want it, they ask for more and more. Elena is the leader of the group – magnetic, intelligent, and confident. She uses friendship as a means of exercising control over others. One day, however, a new teacher, Mario Landi (Filippo Nigro), comes into the girl's life and, attempting to change things, unwittingly becomes part of a game.