Indovina chi viene a Natale?

PlotIt is Christmas time and Giulio (Diego Abatantuono) is a happy north-Italian entrepreneur. Despite the terrible year that has just gone by, his company has registered a 2.3% increase in turnover. Together with his wife Marina (Angela Finocchiaro), the entrepreneur decides to reward his staff – a few dozen employees – with a thousand-euro cheque. After the company party, with the distribution of free panettoni, Giulio and Marina get ready to host their extended family in their cottage on the snowy peaks of an unspecified mountain location. This is the house of the patriarch of the family, a popular singer in the 1960s, a viveur and gambler who lost everything he had, including his life – to a cruel illness. While this recent loss brings a note of grief, Christmas is no time to be gloomy. Little by little, close and distant family members, blood relatives and acquired ones, legitimate and illegitimate sons, fill the house. Giulio's sister Chiara (Claudia Gerini), who has split from her husband, arrives with her new boyfriend (Claudio Bisio), a model sky teacher whose patience is put to the test by the savageness of her children. Then there is their half-brother Antonio – the child of a night of passion of the womanizing patriarch – with his colourful Neapolitan family. Finally, there is Giulio and Marina's daughter with her new boyfriend Francesco (Bova), a handsome man who has lost his arms in an accident. They will all spend those few days together in the snow amid Christmas carols and unexpected epiphanies.