The Bodyguard's Cure

PlotLa cura del gorilla tells the story of Sandrone, a man suffering from a rare disorder: a split personality. This hypothetical pathology is a sort of dissociative identity disorder, whereby as soon as one personality becomes dormant, the other one awakens and takes control of the body. This change of personality occurs cyclically: when the first personality is active, the second one sleeps, so that the body hardly gets any rest. Clearly, the two personalities do not get along very well. The actual plot takes off when the protagonist – nicknamed “Il Gorilla” (Italian for "minder") on account of his casual work as a bouncer – becomes caught up in a criminal affair involving drugs, prostitutes and black money. Events unfold as in an crime novel, with Sandrone in the role of a detective searching for the person who killed the partner of a woman he has met in a nightclub.