Sworn Virgin

PlotTo escape the fate of a wife and servant that awaits her according to the laws of the harsh mountains of Albania, Hana Doda follows her uncle's advice and invokes the archaic law of the Kanun. This allows sworn virgins to carry a rifle and live freely as men. Hana henceforth becomes Mark, Mark Doda. 

However, something is stirring under her new clothes. The choice she has made becomes her prison. That boundless space suddenly becomes too small for her. Mark decides to set out on a journey she has put off for too long. She leaves her country and reaches Italy, following an unbroken, narrow path between two different and distant worlds: Albania and Italy, past and present, masculine and feminine. Along this journey, Mark struggles to regain control over her own body. She experiences the vertigo of touching other bodies, meets caring, loving people that life had deprived her of, and opens up to an unexpected and forbidden love. 

Mark rediscovers Hana, finally piecing back together the two souls that for years have been living inside her body. She is reborn as a new, free and complete creature.