The Nest 15th August 2019

Vincent is a young boy confined to a wheelchair, who lives with his mother in an isolated building surrounded by woods. Although it is strictly forbidden for him to go away from home, Vincent grows happy but dissatisfied and restless, until he meets Denise, a teenage waitress. She helps him to take position against his mother’s prohibitions and to open himself to the world. But this place of reclusion hides a terrible secret and it will not be easy for Vincent to go away from it.

Francesca Cavallin
Ginevra Francesconi
Justin Alexander Korovkin
Maurizio Lombardi

Producers: Maurizio Totti and Alessandro Usai 
Production Companies:Colorado Film in collaboration with Vision Distribution,Prem1ere Film and Film Commission Torino Piemonte
Distribution: Vision Distribution
Director: Roberto De Feo 
Assistant Director: Paolo Bartoli
Written By: Lucio Besana, Margherita Ferri e Roberto De Feo
Production Coordinator: Andrea Grazzani
Cinematography: Emanuele Pasquet
Music: Theo Teardo
Editing: Massimo Quaglia
Production Desing:Francesca Bocca
Costume Desing:Cristina Audisio
Sound: Brando Mosca