Ti Stimo Fratello

PlotJonny and Giovanni are two physically identical yet incredibly different twins: Giovanni graduated with top grades in Electrical Engineering at Genoa; Jonny is a loose cannon with a brain constantly focused on clubbing ever since a nurse accidentally left some booming headphones next to his crib when he was a baby. As children, Giovanni would earnestly do his homework, while Jonny would mimic the moves of his role model John Travolta on TV. Even as an adult, he constantly has house music in his mind. Growing up with such a brother was not easy for Giovanni, who left Genoa immediately after his graduation to pursue a career in Milan. Here he only managed to find a job after becoming engaged to Federica, a domineering Milanese woman who is the daughter of Roberto Ricci, the head of an advertising agency. Giovanni joined the company as a creative: it was not exactly what he had studied for, but thanks to his new job and fiancée he finally settled down. Everything is fine until one morning Jonny pays a surprise visit to Giovanni and Federica's house. Through a little string-pulling from their father Michele, a marshal of the Guardia di Finanza (financial police), Jonny has been admitted to the oral exam required to enter the corps in Milan. Instead of studying, however, Jonny spends his time at the legendary Gilez club, where in a short time he becomes a celebrity of the night. He makes friends with three drag queens and falls in love with a young waitress, Alice. Giovanni too has a crush on her and she returns his feelings, mistaking him for his wild brother. Meanwhile, Jonny botches his exam to enter the corps: after various misadventures, he actually manages to blow up the police station. Giovanni is arrested for the crime, since his details and distinguishing features are the same as his brother's. Locked up in gaol, Giovanni cannot attend an important work meeting with some American investors who wish to launch his “crazy pizza”; so to avoid disappointing her father, Federica takes Jonny to the meeting instead. Just as things seem to be taking a bad turn, the Americans are impressed by the exuberance of the disco-boy and the deal is clinched. A company party is organized with Giovanni's father (who has come to free his son) and Alice, in the role of a waitress. Federica, aware of the affair between the latter and her fiancé, announces their wedding, but Giovanni speaks out, declaring that he does not love her and would rather have the other woman. The same evening, Alice realizes that Jonny and Giovanni are two different persons and not the same man leading a double life, as she had believed until then. She is therefore faced with a choice: first she kicks Giovanni in the groin, but then chooses him and they have a baby girl. Very different destinies await the protagonists: Giovanni becomes Head of Personnel in a leading electronics company, but spoils everything by smashing the Director's watch; Federica hooks up with her ballet teacher; Giovanni's father arrests Federica's one for tax evasion; and Jonny, the only character not to have changed lifestyle, enjoys Rome in the company of his drag queen friends.