Tutto Molto Bello

PlotGiuseppe and Antonio are two opposite characters. Giuseppe, thirty-three, puts his sense of duty first, which for a tax clerk means making a lot of enemies. Giuseppe is married to Anna (Chiara Francini) and faces opposition from her family for having inflicted a steep fine on her father Marcello (Paolo Calabresi), the owner of a shoe shop. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that at the time of the tax inspection Giuseppe got Anna pregnant. 
Antonio is a laid-back, sociable and generous young man of twenty-eight. He seems to be living on a parallel planet in which trusting others is the most natural and obvious thing. Whereas Giuseppe never addresses people he has just met informally, Antonio is always giving them nicknames. The two meet by the hospital nursery: they are both expecting the birth of a son. But whereas Giuseppe is entirely focused on the organizational aspects, Antonio is calm, almost carefree.
Giuseppe accepts Antonio's suggestion to kill time in a seedy restaurant. From that moment onwards, the two find themselves caught up in a series of hilarious adventures. In the course of this unpredictable night, they are joined by a host of other characters. Eros (Gianluca Fubelli) is an embarrassing fifty-year-old failed singer in the habit of stripping naked at his gigs. He is still in love with his ex-girlfriend Katia (Chiara Gensini) and writes dreadful serenades for her. Serafino (Angelo Pintus), Katia's current partner, is a peaceful man who turns crazy and unpredictable when plagued by the virus of jealousy. Finally, beautiful Federica (Nina Senicar) works as an interpreter for businessmen, but is often mistaken for an escort on account of her dazzling looks. 
The four characters will find themselves catapulted into a series of tragicomic adventures involving gambling, misunderstandings and pursuits, until in the end they are kidnapped by a rich sheik passionate about VIP look-alikes and disguises.
Quarrels, embraces, brawls, motorboat escapes and finally a love regained and a new, unexpected friendship.