PlotThe “Northern Agglomerate” (a sprawling metropolis), sometime in a not too distant future. A few days before the market release of a new video-game called Nirvana, the only copy in the hands of its developer Jimi Dini is infected by a virus. The virus has only one consequence: it makes the protagonist of the video-game, Solo, aware of his own existence. Solo gets in touch with Jimi and asks him to tell him who he really is. The developer is then forced to inform the poor Solo, who begs Jimi to delete him before he is reproduced in thousands of copies and sold throughout the world. Jimi embarks on a journey through the run-down suburbs of the city in search of someone capable of breaking into the systems of Okosama Starr (the company Jimi works for). But the plan is also to find Lisa, Jimi's beloved girlfriend who disappeared after unexpectedly abandoning him the previous year. Jimi meets Joystick, a man who knows the suburbs well and can help him scour the local underworld. As common friends of Lisa, the two men seem to get along well at first, although Jimi must always pay for Joystick. Their relationship sours, however, when Joystick apparently takes advantage of Jimi's goodwill by buying a new pair of irises for himself (he had been forced to sell his eyes to rake up some money). Along their journey they meet an "angel", a hacker who will help them on their mission: Naima, a blue-haired girl with a "data input" on her brow, helps Jimi not only to access the company's database but also to discover some dark sides of Lisa and finally find peace. Through a hotel room terminal, the three of them get into the heart of Okosama Starr and transfer millions of black currency from the company's database into the accounts of friends, acquaintances and ordinary people from the suburbs. Their game is exposed, however. Joystick and Naima, now rich, flee; Jimi chooses to say, in order to keep the promise he made to Solo and erase Nirvana. The operation takes too long and he doesn't manage to escape: Okosama Starr men break into the room.