Il cielo è sempre più blu

PlotIn Rome, a man gazes at the swarming city from the terrace where he is jogging: three thugs are robbing a Chinese restaurant; a sleazy receiver is left lying on the ground by some bandits and a taxi driver; a sadistic policewomen smiles as she fines everyone; a Milanese seller fruitlessly searches for someone who might buy his CDs, while looking for a phone booth or bar with a phone; a Roman who emigrated to England no longer recognizes the city he left twenty years before; a scriptwriter meets a buxom young woman in a lift, only to discover she is actually a drag queen; a lad smashes his mother's head with a hammer; a dapper gentleman works as a killer; a postman is in love with a lesbian journalist who is waiting for a letter from her girlfriend but dares not write to her because she thinks that her own handwriting looks childish; some workers order Gargantuan sandwiches for lunch and talk about their own burial; a female employee is forced to pay off a debt with her own body; a mother allows her degenerate son to portray her half-naked; a mechanic shrewdly extorts money from his customers through carefully inflated prices; a heartbroken journalist who has just been left by the woman he loves invites a female colleague over for dinner to vent his frustration; a psychologist visits a patient who had just got clean in gaol, only to find that he is full of drugs, obtained from the warder; the body of a young man who has died from a heart attack is left rotting in his house for a week, until the janitor decides to open the door to his flat; two drivers run over a hare in the outskirts of the city and share the remains. After making his appearance as a silent witness, the solitary man jogging on the terrace suddenly disappears, leaving only his towel on the railing.