The Girl in the Fog 26 October 2017

A small mountain village, Avechot. A foggy night, a strange incident. The man driving was travelling alone. He is uninjured. So why are his clothes stained with blood? The man's name is Vogel and until recently he was a famous police officer. And he shouldn’t have been there. A meek and patient psychiatrist tries to get him to tell what happened, but realises he doesn’t have much time. It was necessary to start a few months ago. When, two days before Christmas, precisely amidst those same mountains, a sixteen-year-old girl disappeared: Anna Lou had red hair and freckles. But the nothingness that swallowed her up forever hides a mystery bigger than she ever was. A web of secrets that came from the past, because in Avechot nothing is what is seems and no one tells the whole truth. This was not a disappearance like the others. In this story every deception hid another, even more perverse one. And perhaps Vogel had finally found the solution to this evil design: he knows the name of the shadow that hides in the fog, because “the downfall of the devil is his vanity”... But perhaps it is now too late for Anna Lou. And even for him.

Toni Servillo
Alessio Boni
Lorenzo Richelmy
Galatea Ranzi
Michela Cescon
Lucrezia Guidone
Daniela Piazza
Ekaterina Buscemi
Thierry Toscan
Jacopo Olmo Antinori
Marina Occhionero
Sabrina Martina

With Antonio Gerardi
Greta Scacchi
and Jean Reno

Producers: Maurizio Totti and Alessandro Usai 
Production Companies: Gavila with Colorado Film in collaboration with Medusa Film
Distribution: Medusa Film
Director: Donato Carrisi 
Written By: Donato Carrisi
Assistant Director: Roy Bava
Production Coordinator: Antonio Tacchia 
Cinematography: Federico Masiero 
Music: Vito Lo Re
Editing: Massimo Quaglia
Production Desing: Tonino Zera
Costume Desing: Patrizia Chericoni 
Sound: Gilberto Martinelli