The Worst Christmas of My Life

PlotPaolo, an inveterate bungler, has succeeded in marrying Margherita, who is now pregnant. The baby is due at Christmas and the two will be spending the holidays with their families in a castle at the foot of Monte Rosa. As Paolo tarries on his journey, delayed by an errand and his skidding car, Margherita arrives at the castle ahead of him with her parents, Giorgio and Clara, and Alberto, Giorgio's boss. The latter has just survived an illness and plans to hand over his company to his loyal and reliable employee. As he waits for his official promotion, Giorgio asks his son-in-law – who has finally arrived with considerable delay and causing much damage – not to jeopardize his career. This admonishment, however, is not enough to contain Paolo's recklessness: he will manage to spoil the Christmas turkey, kill a  parakeet, announce the death of a living person, and set fire to the castle after having flooded it. Amid three pregnancies, revelations, promises, passings, births and rebirths, surrounded by tipsy mothers-in-law, hysterical wives, lazy waiters and hostile fathers-in-law, Paolo will spend the worse Christmas of his life.