Soap Opera

Soap OperaLove, hate, misunderstanding and the complex emotional trajectories connecting the bizarre tenants of the same building in the aftermath of the suicide of the most mysterious tenant of all, only a few days away from New Year’s Eve. 
When Pietro decides to shoot himself, Francesco is accompanying Patrizia, his lover for one night, to her car. Paolo is in Francesco's home with Alice, a star in a popular soap opera who is looking for a condom in order to have sex with a night watchman – lately she has developed a fixation with uniforms. 
Paolo's fixation at the moment is suicide. He is about to become a father and cannot accept the fact that the most exciting kiss of his life was the one he gave Francesco when they were school mates. 
Francesco's problem is Anna, his ex-girlfriend: they broke up four months ago and she is already pregnant from her new partner. 
Then there are Gianni and Mario, brothers who have been forced to live together ever since Gianni accidentally ran over Mario, confining him to a wheelchair. 
Now they bicker and help one another, as they wait to receive the insurance money.
Two women complete the company. 
Francesca was Pietro's woman – or, rather, the woman who was on her way to tell him that their relationship was over, just as he was committing suicide. 
And Anna must pluck up the courage to admit to Francesco that there is no new partner and that the baby in her womb is really his child.